Product Details

ERA waste heat recovery energy - saving sensible heater

- Working principle

- The invention relates to a heat exchange device , which is an additional fitting used for recycling heat energy in a cold area , and the temperature of the exhaust gas which is discharged during the heating and painting work of the paint spraying room is higher than that of the outdoor natural wind .

Features of product

The high efficiency and energy saving heat exchange core adopts high quality hydrophilic coating aluminum foil as heat transfer conductor, which greatly increases the heat transfer area, promotes the heat transfer of the heat exchange core, and fully recovers the heat from the exhaust gas, without any additional energy consumption except the fan. Also used epoxy aluminum foil or stainless steel foil, corrosion resistance is stronger, suitable for special occasions.

Complete isolation of the hot exchange core with the cross of fresh air and exhaust air, the aluminum foil is separated from each other, the entrance edge and the exit edge adopt five layers of edging technology, the edge strength is higher, the seal is more reliable, and all joints are sealed with sealant. The air tightness of the heat exchange core is ensured by the treatment of edge-biting glue, and the maximum leakage rate is 5 ‰ within 500 Pa.

High stability without moving parts, equipment maintenance costs less, high reliability, long service life.

Wide applicability modular structure, can provide any size of the edge length and plate superimposed thickness combination. According to the requirements of different air volume, the operating conditions require the adjustable size and spacing of the sheet, so as to optimize the efficiency and pressure drop of the heat exchange core to the maximum extent. According to the customer needs to the shape, installation mode, tuyere interface location and other design changes, according to the customer use of different environmental situations, the heat recovery equipment housing design different plates and special treatment.


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